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Peace among chaos

January 8th, 2022

Peace among chaos

The world has so much chaos lately. Finding space to escape the rush and daily news of any kind is a must. I went to Bond Park in Cary, NC after work today to unwind and take a few photos. It was bone chilling cold to me though. I did go down by the water which was abnormally high due to the rain storms we had recently. The waters waves caught my eye. They almost have a pattern going to them but are also irregular. Quite calming to me to watch and listen to nature especially during times when few are out in it. I doubt my own photography sometimes but at the same time I amaze myself with what I see and able to capture. Little moments of times that can be so easily overlooked but once you freeze them with a photograph you can really see the captivating scenes that unfold around us in our daily lives.